Cascades Verdae

10 Fountainview Terrace
Greenville, SC 29307
864 606 3055 - Main Phone
888 528 5550 - Toll Free
People will commit a double-take whenever they read the word "weller." As well they should since it really isn't a word in the English language. See, the trouble is that when it came time to try and describe the lifestyle one lives in our community - we had a hard time finding the right word to sum it all up! We could have used EXCELLENT to describe it and our dining program surely is with a restaurant-style menu prepared by one of Greenville's finest chefs. We could've chosen FUN since the parties, games, educational events and wellness classes are simply that - fun and invigorating. Maybe EXCITING would have been a good choice - it certainly fits the Members of our community who have lived a tremendous life and still enjoy good times and sharing their exciting lives with each other. Perhaps the word EFFICIENT would have fit. For our community is a cost-efficient place to live and thrive for most people and with all the daily house burdens taken off their shoulders, our Members find living here an efficient way to free up their time. EXCELLENT. FUN. EXCITING. EFFICIENT. They all fit. WELLER just sounds better because it gets right to the heart of the matter: Our Members want to live long, live well and simply, live. It is our number one goal to help them find ways to maintain their independence and live a longer, healthier, and happier life and we are very good at what we do. Our Members enjoy a WELLER life - a life full of good times, good friends, good food, security, and wellness, wellness, wellness. We don't just live well, we live "weller."

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Payment Options and Sources

  • Credit Card
  • Medicare
  • Personal Check
  • Private Pay


  • Cottage Homes
  • Villa Apartments
  • Clubhouse
  • Dining Room featuring an Executive Chef
  • Spa and Salon
  • Movie Theater
  • Indoor Heated Pool
  • Active Social calendar
  • Full Bar and Pool area
  • Outdoor gardening area and amphitheater

Map and Directions