A Show You Must See…Bruce B & The Boo Featuring Ted Anderson

Bruce B & The Boo featuring Ted Anderson provide live entertainment for seniors

Bruce Russack dreamed of being a star while doing “special extra” work for film and television in Florida and also as the hair stylist for big name stars in the entertainment industry. He’s made music with the Bee Gees and worked with some famous stars like Debbie Reynolds and Tom Hanks. Bruce ended up spending more time chatting with celebrities than becoming one himself.

Then along came “Boo Boo” and new found friend, Ted Anderson.

Bruce was on a flight from South Carolina to Florida and was seated next to Ted Anderson. Both big talkers, they talked all the way to Florida!

Anderson, a retired pastor, was able to help Russack through some difficult times, including the loss of several family members and depression. They became forever friends.

The other fateful meeting was with Boo Boo, a Mellerud rabbit adopted by Bruce’s friend Sharon, from a pet store in Hollywood, Florida. Once they brought Boo Boo home, he became part of the family.  They spent two years training him, including teaching him to sit on Russack’s shoulder, a very uncommon habit for rabbits.

“This bunny brings so many smiles to people” says Russack, who regularly performs at retirement communities, assisted living communities, rehabilitation centers and many other places that can use some feel good entertainment.

Russack is an accomplished singer and songwriter, so the show is full of his original songs as well as 60’s classics. Boo Boo sits on Russack’s shoulder for much of the show, the subject of several serenades, and Ted Anderson provides comic relief between songs.

The show has the audience laughing and smiling while many are singing and dancing along.

For the one hour “Show you must See,” contact Bruce at 954-649-6443 or email hairywaves@aol.com or BruceRussack@gmail.com.

Find Bruce and Boo Boo on Instagram at instagram.com/thefoom.