Assisted Living Public Assistance

For those on limited incomes, there is a part of the Medicaid program called State/County Special Assistance (SA) that provides financial assistance for eligible residents in an adult care home. This program is administered by the local Department of Social Services and may help cover an adult care home stay. Residents receiving Special Assistance receive a small Personal Needs Allowance ($66) to cover the cost of personal items.

How to Apply

  • All people, regardless of payment source, applying for placement in an Adult Care Home are required to have an FL-2 form (medical summary) completed by a physician to indicate that this type of care is appropriate. This form may be obtained from the facility or the County Department of Social Services and most Doctors’ offices.
  • If you are entering a special care unit for persons with dementia, there is a PRIOR approval process that includes the FL-2, the facility disclosure statement, and an assessment to determine if the resident needs primary mental health services
  • The facility reviews the form to determine:
    1. If they can meet the needs of the resident, AND
    2. If they have an available bed.
  • The consumer must determine if the services and costs are compatible with their notion of assisted living care and ability to pay for services.
  • If these conditions are met, then the resident and the facility simply enter into a contractual agreement generally on a month-to-month basis.

* A guardian must sign the contract for a resident who has been declared legally incompetent.