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Leaving Our Mark

Hospice Cleveland County Rev. Dr. Terry Floyd Chaplain LEAVING OUR MARK During my eleven years as a chaplain at Hospice… Read more »

The Holidays and Hope

The Holidays and Hope The seasons are changing.  We are now experiencing much cooler weather in South Carolina, a few… Read more »

Becoming a Person with True Integrity

A new year brings new opportunities and fresh starts!  Most of us make a list of New Year’s resolutions.  We start out great, but by March, what a different story! 

Welcome to the Club

by Larry Dawalt, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region  On February 27 my Dad died, and I became a member… Read more »

True Integrity

Becoming a Person with True Integrity by Patti Ellis McMurry, LCSW, CHP-SW, LMBT Hospice Cleveland County, Vice President of Access  … Read more »