Hospice Care is What Americans Want

Americans feel are most important for a loved one who has less than six months to live are:

  • Someone to be sure that the patient’s wishes are honored;
  • Choice among the types of services the patient can receive;
  • Pain control tailored to the patient’s wishes; and
  • Emotional support for the patient and family.

The NHF research showed that 80% of Americans said their wish is to die at home. Of the 2.4 million Americans who die each year, less than 25% actually die at home. Of the 700,000 patients who receive hospice care, over 75% die at home.

In addition, the research found that people are willing to have an outside organization come into their homes and assist with care for a family member in the last stage of life. Sixty-six percent would welcome help from an outside organization, like a hospice, while 24% would prefer to take care of the family member by themselves, with the help of family and friends.

Source: www.nhcpo.org