Keeping Seniors Connected Through Technology

comfort keepers grand pad

by Brooke Reynolds, Owner of Comfort Keepers 

Intimidated by technology? This is a common concern for the aging population who grew up in the days before the booming technology marketplace. While the gap of the digital age is closing, the features and safety that are customized for senior use is still a relevant concern. The Comfort Keepers’ grandPad is a senior friendly tablet designed especially for those over 75. It’s a connection tool and has been specifically designed for seniors, eliminating the things that make other technology difficult to manage. It allows seniors the opportunity to engage and connect in a simple, intuitive and safe way. One of Comfort Keepers’ priorities is to keep seniors engaged in what brings them joy and that means interacting with family members and friends, listening to music, playing games, keeping their minds active while ensuring connectedness with things that are important to them. Technology can be a great tool to stave off loneliness and isolation and that’s why Comfort Keepers is now offering the senior tablet as part of our services.

GrandPad is a digital tablet with its own private and customized system. The grandPad is loaded with features for connecting with loved ones, without the complicated features of other tablets. You won’t find any requirements for system updates, need for passwords, pesky pop up ads, or confusing buttons. GrandPad features a closed system that automatically updates for them. No need to worry about a Wi-Fi connection since the internet comes bundled with the grandPad solution. The large buttons and easy to navigate interface make the grandPad a simple tablet for seniors who are ready to start video chatting and sharing memories with family and friends around the world.

A subscription to grandPad gives you a one-of-a-kind tablet, along with senior-friendly accessories designed to make our device comfortable and ergonomic. All of the user’s preferences and contacts come programmed in the tablet so it’s ready-to-use right out of the box. The grandPad subscription is pre-loaded with your own private family network. Family members can update phone numbers, change options, and create new contacts for senior users from the convenient companion app or web portal. Every family member can stay in the loop, sending emails, photos, and comments to the grandPad that the whole family can view. Stay connected and secure with a private network that only allows approved family members to access the grandPad.

Our goal has always been to help Charlotte area seniors stay happy, healthy, and engaged. Now, with the Comfort Keepers’ grandPad senior tablet as part of our core service offering, we’re able to utilize innovative technology to meet that goal, while continuing to improve quality of life of those we serve. The introduction of grandPad not only expands our range of services, but it also allows us to more easily keep clients’ families informed on their loved one’s condition, recovery, and their evolving needs. Technology shouldn’t be a barrier for seniors today, but rather a bridge to increased socialization. GrandPad represents a more independent and empowered way of life for seniors.

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