Meet Dorchester County Councilwoman and retired Lieutenant Colonel Harriet Holman

Harriet Holman, councilwoman and veteran is devoted to public service and support for veterans

Meet Dorchester County Councilwoman and retired Lieutenant Colonel Harriet Holman

Hello, I am Harriet Holman, Dorchester County Councilwoman and retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army. Since retiring from the military, I have devoted my life to public service and have actively supported veterans through volunteerism and leading initiatives to increase access to veterans’ services.

After serving more than twenty years in the military, I retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army.  While on active duty I had the privilege to be the Commanding Officer for the Military Entrance Processing Command in Atlanta, Georgia and was also deployed in support of the Somalia Peacekeeping Mission. As a result of my demonstrated leadership and dedication, I was also given the honor of being the Deputy Commander of two of the nation’s most important and noble missions:  Washington, DC’s 9/11 Casualty Operations Center and Chief Officer of Army POWs and MIAs.

I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Jackson State University and an MBA from Claflin University.  I am currently a proud member of the local Disabled American Veterans Chapter and serve on the Advisory Board of the McDougall Correctional Institution Veterans’ Unit. In 2016, I coordinated and sponsored the first Veterans’ Day Dinner and Celebration for Dorchester County. Since then, it has been a much-anticipated annual tradition that attracts hundreds of people who come together to honor our local veterans and their service to our country.

I am also excited to announce that our legislative delegation recently assisted Dorchester County in securing funding in the amount of $500,000 that will help to support the preliminary design and engineering process to construct a designated 5,000 square foot future veterans’ facility in St. George. Our goal is to have a dedicated space that will serve as a home for veterans’ services, fostering a supportive environment where veterans can access the resources and assistance that they deserve.

During my time as councilwoman, I have had the privilege to work closely with our Dorchester County Veterans Affairs Director, Johnny Brown. Together we have offered monthly programs and workshops that provide veterans with the resources and services that they need. Our staff work hard each day to make sure that veterans and their families receive the individualized attention and support that they deserve. Dorchester County Veterans are encouraged to call our office at (843) 832-0050 to make an appointment or check out our website at