Older Americans Month: Reinvention

OAM Reinvention

As Older Americans Month continues, All About Seniors wants to continue to salute our senior readers by providing opportunities to Blaze a Trail to Reinvention. Whether it is finding a part-time job or volunteering in the community, All About Seniors can help you follow your passion and use your skills.

Today, older Americans are living longer and more healthfully than ever before. What does this mean for our notions of life after a career? Many retirees are finding new inspiration in second careers, helping others, discovering new interests, and pursuing dreams.

Reinventing yourself can be fun and rewarding. Even better: it’s good for your mental and physical well-being. Whether you are planning for retirement or simply looking to get involved in new activities, start by thinking about your skills, dreams, and passions.

By 2029, more than 20% of Americans will be of retirement age.

  • Careers after retirement can be rewarding, personally and financially. Ask yourself this: Do you have the skills needed for a new venture? If so, update your resume and start looking for job postings. If not, seek out classes and training – online or at local colleges.
  • Express yourself through arts and talents. Learn to paint or draw. Dust off that musical instrument and start playing agin. Take a class in stand-up comedy or acting. Everyone has the ability to be creative.
  • Keep learning and keep growing. Learn a new language or take a computer class. Maybe you have always wanted to travel to others places. Pursue a new interest and you will stay happy, healthy and connected.
  • Consider using your experience to serve others. Volunteers meet a range of community needs, from mentoring at-risk youth to providing job training to helping families recover from disasters.

Local senior centers are great places to find ways to get involved.

There are many benefits:

  • Helps keep your mind active
  • Helps maintain physical health
  • Provides structure and routine
  • Connects you with the community
  • Promotes social activities
  • Helps prevent isolation
  • Provides income in some cases