Personalized Care and Compassion: When Patients and Families Need it Most

Hospice provides personalize care and compassion when you need it most

Personalized Care and Compassion: When Patients and Families Need it Most

When the Time Comes: Adding Life and Love to Days

Hospice Cares: Hospice cares for you and your family member and does not treat the disease. The focus is on dignified comfort care and adding quality of life to your days, not a cure.

Hospice Cares: Hospice care is an approach to medical care delivered by a trained interdisciplinary team of hospice care medical, personal, emotional and spiritual providers, and your plan of care is delivered where you call home: the home in which you reside, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Hospice Cares: Hospice care is a specific type of compassionate medical care for patients in the last stages of incurable disease to live as fully and comfortably as they can. Hospice care manages patient’s symptoms so that the patient’s last days can be spent with their loved ones, with dignity and the highest quality possible.

Hospice Cares: Hospice care is 100% covered by Medicare. Coverage includes a team of clinicians, aids, social workers and other hospice providers, medical equipment and supplies related to terminal illness, medications for pain and symptom management related to the terminal illness and respite care.

Hospice Cares: Hospice cares for patients when they become candidates for hospice typically when there is a life expectancy of six months or less and they desire comfort treatment. Family members may seek support when they notice changes in appetite, in breathing, in behavior, in sleeping patterns; memory loss; restlessness or agitation; withdrawal from people and activities.

Hospice Cares: Hospice cares about staying informed about changes in the patient’s condition.  Hospice affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. With regular caregiving and visits, declines are communicated with urgency and patients are able to stay in the comfort of their home/facility longer to prevent trips back and forth to the hospital.

Hospice cares for you: Please contact Caris healthcare at (843) 402-0614 any time for further information or support. We can meet to discuss options, design personalized plans, and build trust for when the time comes to care for your loved ones.