Thinking About an Adult Active Community?


by Susan McDade 

The baby chicks have flown the nest, you have retired, and are ready for a change! More retirees are choosing to downsize to some type of independent adult active community. But what’s the best fit? There are increasingly more options.

Selecting a SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) Realtor® is the first step to a successful match. A SRES Realtor® is knowledgeable about different types of communities, what amenities are available, and what the costs associated with the community are going to be. They can also help you identify some other options you may not have thought of, that are not your “traditional” adult communities. Here are a few options:

  • All-Inclusive Adult Active Community – This is the community that most think of when they think “Adult Active Community.” These resort like communities offer a range of services, social events, amenities and activities to serve residents. The housing is typically single family ranch homes, and they may offer a “try it before you buy it” option for a short term stay.
  • Senior Apartments – According to AARP, 20% of seniors are renters. Senior only apartments suit those who can take care of themselves, but have opted to rent for a variety of reasons. They offer social opportunities, comfort and safety, but no medical or custodial services.
  • Cohousing – Cohousing communities are characterized by the philosophy and lifestyle of the residents. They are self- contained privately owned residences, clustered around a courtyard and community center. The emphasis is on sharing, communal living, and typically green living. Mission statements of the community stress wise use of resources and environmental stewardship.
  • Cruise Ships – Like to travel? Some seniors have figured out how to plan from one cruise to another! Cruise ships are all inclusive, providing meals, entertainment, travel and on board medical care. This option takes some advanced planning, but is a feasible option for those who like to stay on the move.
  • Retirement Mobile Home/RVParks – These parks are designed for the upscale mobile home/ RV adventurer, and can include amenities such as golf, dog parks, wellness centers, and social activities. You may have the option to lease your lot, or own it. For those who want a permanent space to call home, but like to travel and don’t want the monthly expenses associated with a single family home.

Whatever your choice, a Senior Concierge Program can help organize your move with one stop shopping for a smooth transition. Senior concierge programs can include home sale assistance with an SRES, home purchase assistance with an SRES, mortgage programs specifically for buyers 62+, Senior move management for the contents of your home, van line services, financial planners, and elder law. Ready to get moving?