3 Simple Steps to Pre-Planning


by Michael J. Neddo 

Have you planned a party or purchased insurance to prepare for the unexpected? Preplanning was simply the process you followed. As it relates to funeral services, preplanning eases the burden on your survivors, prevents emotional overspending and can lock in today’s prices. Your loved ones will take comfort in knowing that they are carrying out your wishes. To do this, your funeral provider covers three simple steps.

Step 1: Gathering and Recording Information

  • Record information such as date of birth, birthplace, veteran information, occupation, and social security number. 
  • Locate life insurance policies, wills, documentation of financial accounts, and other estate information.
  • Obtain any previously completed pre-planning documentation in order to accurately compare prices.
  • Communicate with your next of kin as to where these documents are located.

Step 2: Review Funeral and Memorial Options:

  • Contact a trusted funeral professional for a free no obligation informational consultation. 
  • Compare prices between family owned and corporate owned funeral homes, as costs can vary by thousands for the same service.
  • Review the range of options from a traditional style of funeral to a contemporary celebration of life as they relate to both cremation and burial.
  • Know that you can change and review your pre-plan at any time by simply contacting the funeral home. If you relocate you can even move the preplan to another funeral provider if you desire.

Step 3: Identify a Funding Method

  • Multiple payment plan options can help you affordably stay within a budget. 
  • Your funds are held securely in a bank or insurance account to ensure they are there for your family when needed.
  • Protect your family from rising costs. Lock-in today’s prices and receive an additional preplanning savings.
  • Transfer your prepaid arrangements to a lesser priced funeral provider and your family could receive a refund after the services.

In addition to these three simple steps, your funeral professional can also help with other elements of end of life arrangements. For example, funeral professionals can offer assistance in power of attorney documentation, living wills, estate planning before death, and even protecting your family against the added costs of death away from home. We can also assist with veteran benefits. Whatever your questions may be, a funeral service professional can help you find the answers.