Are Prescription Drugs Harming You?

Are Prescription Drugs Harming You?

Prescription Drugs (taken as prescribed) are the number 3 cause of death in America… behind Heart Disease and Cancer, according to Peter Gotzsche author of “Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime, How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare”.

According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, Prescription drugs (taken correctly) are responsible for more than 700,000 Emergency Room visits and 2,000,000 hospital admissions annually. The GOOD NEWS is… these frightening statistics are UNNECESSARY thanks toa medical breakthrough, called “Pharmacogenomics” (How our DNA breaks down our Meds).

We all metabolize drugs differently. Some too Rapid… some too Slow… some Not at all… causing a drug to build up in our body… placing us at risk of Toxicity. Most Doctors are trained to do Trial & Error Prescribing… after writing a prescription the doctor says, Try this drug for a while and if it creates side effects (errors), come back and we’ll try a different drug.”

TODAY – From a simple Cheek Swab, anyone can know (with 99.9% certainty) which drugs are SAFE for them to take and which drugs can HARM them… BEFORE they take them. The test is called Pharmacogenomics (PGX for short). (Covered by Medicare and most Advantage PPO’s)

A PGX test compares the enzymes your liver uses to break down your meds to more than 270 different medications to see which ones you metabolize normally (Safe) and which ones you don’t (dangerous). Results are published in a 24+ page, easy-to-read, report that lists these 270+ drugs into one of 3 categories:

  1. Drugs listed in the LEFT column are SAFE for you to take.
  2. Drugs listed in the MIDDLE column need to be changed by your doctor
  3. Drugs listed in the RIGHT column are dangerous for you &should be avoided

Before taking ANY medications (or facing surgery), make sure you’re getting the Right Drug… Right Dose… First Time by ordering your own, personal PGX Report.

NOTE: Because most physicians don’t offer PGX Reports, they are now available to the

Consumer through independent, HIPAA Certified Representatives who work closely with Licensed, Board-Certified Physicians and follow strict guidelines set forth by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Cindy Wild, Certified DNA Technician