Ask the Expert – Making Your Final Wishes Known

Ask the Expert –

Making Your Final Wishes Known

By Thomas Glynn, Funeral Director, McEwen Funeral Service at Sharon Memorial Park

Q:  What are the benefits of making my final wishes known in advance?

A:  The benefits of planning ahead can be immense.

With the help of a professional, there are very simple steps you can take to plan everything in advance and in detail.

A funeral or memorial service not only gives your loved ones a sense of closure, it’s a celebration of your life. And by making your arrangements before the time of need, your final send-off can include personal touches that truly reflect your personality and passions. From music and flowers to food and special mementos, you can design a beautiful and memorable event that allows family and friends to say goodbye in a unique way and know that they have carried out their loved one’s wishes.

Q:  Do you have any advice about talking to my family about my final wishes?

A:  Approaching the topic as a means of everyone being prepared in advance is one way to make the discussion less difficult.

Set aside a time when your family can gather in a comfortable setting, and allow your loved ones to share their thoughts about your plans. To help start the conversation with your family, our funeral home offers a free Personal Planning Guide, a valuable planning tool where you can record and organize your final wishes. In it, you’ll find many questions that you and your family may not have considered and that can help to prompt a real dialogue about your options. You can contact us to get your personal planning guide today.


If you have more questions, visit your local funeral provider.

They are a good source of information for funeral, cremation and cemetery options.