Choosing the Right Home Care Service

home care non medical

Sometimes it sneaks up on you, other times you can see it coming. Choosing the right non-medical home care service is an important decision, especially with so many to choose from! So, how do you even start your search for the perfect home care provider?Try asking these questions throughout your research:

How long has the company been serving the community?

Finding an established and well-known name in the community can help ensure they have the experience and knowledge to provide the highest standard of care!

What range of services do they provide?

Not every individual hiring a home professional expects the same services. Am I in need of someone to help run errands? Am I looking for someone to provide companionship?Am I looking for help with day-to-day activities? Think about what you need in a home care service and be sure that the company you choose can handle all of these tasks.

Can they meet special requirements you have?

Do I need a home care aide that speaks another language, or maybe someone familiar with certain cultural practices?

Is the home care aide covered by insurance if asked to drive my vehicle?

Is the home care aide allowed to transport me in their personal vehicle?

Are background checks performed on staff?

This is an important question to ask any potential provider. When you have individuals coming into your home and around your loved ones, it’s always nice to be assured that they’ve passed a background check and can be trusted.

Is the company licensed and insured?

Most medical and non-medical home care services are licensed and insured, but it’s always a smart idea to make sure!

What type of training do the home care aides receive?

Is training a “one time” event or do the aides have on-going training throughout their employment?

If preparing meals is a part of the care plan, can you handle specific diet requests? (Allergies, culturally specific food, dietary restrictions, etc.)

What happens if the scheduled home care aide is sick and cannot come in at the last minute?

Will they organize a home visit before starting?

Sometimes it’s nice to have a home care aide come into the home to see that they will be a good match, both on a personal level and for your home care needs.

Can they provide references?

Ask for names of people, not simply organizations, and ask, “Would you recommend this company and use their services again for your loved ones’ care?”

Are you open to feedback and suggestions? How should they be provided? (Personally, through agency, etc.)

What are the rates and is there a contract?

There are many different companies out there providing excellent service; they welcome your questions to make sure they are the right fit for your home care needs.