Is a Walk-In Tub Right for You?

Is a Walk-In Tub Right for You?

Walk-in tubs are becoming very popular, but what are the real benefits? Does it really help with bathing and health? Ultimately, most people want to know if it is a worthwhile investment.

Consider these benefits to help determine if a walk-in tub is right for you.  Firstly, easy access; walk-in tubs are a great solution if you struggle with mobility.  A low step entry of a few inches, means you can literally walk right in, sit down and enjoy bathing.

Whether you use a walker or scooter to get around your home, or if you simply have trouble climbing over the edge of conventional tub, a walk-in tub makes daily bathing easy and safe.  Also, the better products are made of higher quality materials, include an ADA compliant seat, non-skid floors, and safety grab rails to give you peace of mind while bathing.

Secondly, why do most athletes soak in deep tubs after a game or why do seniors often do exercises in a swimming pool?  The answer is hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy reduces pain and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, and is why hot water soaking has been a proven medical concept since the ancient Egyptians. Walk-in tubs with therapeutic air and whirlpool jets combine benefits of heat and massage to help with poor circulation, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. 

Thirdly, walk-in tubs offer shower features too.  Some of the better walk-in tubs add faucet sets with extendable shower wands to allow for a shower experience as well. 

Fourthly, walk-in tubs provide safety.  The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home for seniors. Avoiding falls keeps you in your home longer and out of the hospital or pre-maturely having to move into assisted living.

Fifthly, as we age, it can become more challenging to bathe daily and hygiene can suffer.  Poor hygiene affects your physical and mental health. Bathing daily is important for cleansing wounds soothes irritated skin, and makes you feel healthier, renewed, refreshed, and clean.

Lastly, walk-in tubs are a good investment from a real estate perspective and from a health perspective.  Updating your bathroom to make it safer for you to bathe will transform your life and brings value to your home and lifestyle.

Each bathroom and home has it’s unique layout and installing a new walk-in tub should be done by experts.  For a free assessment of how a walk-in tub might work for you, please visit: or contact Kirk and Victor at 843-561-9050.