It’s Your Brain: A Hearing Loss Infographic

based on the article by Jennifer Waddell, Sound Hearing Care 

If you suffer from hearing loss, your brain tries to fill in the gaps. This is hard work for your brain:

  • difficult
  • exhausting
  • harder to participate

Hearing Loss:

– struggle to hear in challenging environments

The average hearing loss patient waits about 7 years before seeking help

– due to cost

– due to what others will think

Overall Health Issues related to Hearing

– increased risk of cognitive issues

– The risk of dementia has been stated to increase by 5 times

– An untreated hearing loss has been found to shrink the brain by 1 centimeter a year

– Increased risk of falling

– A minor 25 dB hearing loss will increase your risk of falling by 3 times

Hearing Loss