Our Most Loyal Companions

Our Most Loyal Companions

By Prabhu Ramkumar; Owner – Right At Home of Charlotte & Lake Norman

As we age, it becomes harder to develop deep friendships as it was when we were younger. I believe the primary reason is the lack of time we have in developing the strong bonds. Working professionals become so engrossed in life, they don’t spend as much time creating new human bonds. Social interactions are essential for a healthy life. Having a pet, especially a dog, helps adults to have companionship, be more active and has benefits to cut stress and good health. We develop a strong bond with our canine companions.

When most people think about ways to relieve stress or comfort themselves, they normally think about exercise such as meditation or going for a run. Many people don’t know that owning a pet, more specifically owning a dog, can help you reduce your stress levels and help you feel more comforted in your day-to-day life. There are many ways to explain how dogs can help comfort people. Pets are proven companions and are great for social situations. Studies have shown that being around dogs can help reduce stress as well as help lower blood pressure. Dogs are very comforting creatures and can help people focus on the past and not allow stress to be an issue.

As a small business owner (Right At Home, in home care company), managing and running it is a 24/7 job. We promise to always be available and it becomes hard to have an exercise routine every day. Having 2 dogs, Maya (12-year-old golden retriever) and Lazo (2-year-old rescue mutt) helps me handle the stress and promote wellbeing. They are great companions and I can say pets are great social support. Having a companion, whether it be a human companion or an animal, that you can talk to can help you feel like you are not alone. Dogs help comfort people in social situations by being by their side and providing a calm feeling. Stress can be difficult to deal with when you’re by yourself and dogs provide a calming feeling knowing that you’re not alone and don’t have to deal with the situation by yourself.

Spending time with someone who can listen to your problems and help you through them is calming but it has been proven that dogs can help reduce stress, maybe even more than spending time with other humans. One study shows us that when conducting a task that’s stressful, people experienced less stress when their pets were with them than when they were with a supportive friend or family member. Pets provide the unconditional love and they adapt their life to their owners’ lifestyle. Pets support you in many ways that people cannot. Pets can offer love and companionship, they listen when no one else takes their time to and they provide a support system that others can’t. Dogs can be comforting due to the fact they provide unconditional love no matter the situation, time, or place.

A known fact is that exercise helps maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is common knowledge that dogs need exercise as well and they provide great walking partners for their owners. People enjoy walks with their pets because of the companionship and perhaps even the feeling of being a part of a community.  On average people with dogs get more exercise, so that in itself can help reduce the side effects of stress.  Blood pressure is one physical measure of stress, it has been proven that petting or just being around your pet can decrease your stress and your blood pressure.

Dogs can help you be in the moment. My parents have always had dogs and I grew up around them. When I had the opportunity to get my own place, I immediately adopted a dog. Maya has helped me be active and has kept me on a schedule.  Having a dog, the various activities they require can help you stay in the moment and feel calm and comforted. Even if it is just a walk or jog around the neighborhood with them by your side or a simple game of fetch.

People have always said that dogs know when you don’t feel well, they are more attentive when their owner is feeling down. When you are stressed your dog knows that everything is not okay and they make sure their owner knows they are there and that they care.

Most people think that meditation and exercise are the keys to getting rid of stress. A lot of people think human contact is the best way to feel comforted, but pets, especially dogs can reduce stress and help you feel most comforted.  Dogs give us unconditional love and comfort