Reflections: A Gift Worth Sharing


by Sean Dogan, Pastor, Long Branch Baptist Church, Greenville, SC 

When I think about the most valuable gift that I have received from “Seasoned” individuals, I cannot help but to think of those who have had the most impact in my life. I have been blessed to have grown up with three very involved grandparents who are my paternal grandmother, and my maternal grandfather and grandmother. They taught me lessons that I will never forget.

They allowed me insight into their lives through a portal that many guard and keep to themselves. The portal of the past. They would use the gift of reflection to bless my life with wisdom. Reflection is a powerful tool, for it allows one to not only go back in time, but more importantly to learn, re-create and also to share. For if one holds in secret their experiences, it is not beneficial to those who are traveling down similar paths. It is at the intersection of two paths that one makes a decision to share or keep silent. The paths are: living life and leaving a legacy. It is at this crossroad that the most powerful and enriching experience takes place allowing your experience to become wisdom.

The encouragement that I have received from hearing stories about them facing their fears, living out their dreams, fighting for a cause, and enduring hardship has been invaluable. Sharing what you have been through and have overcome in your life is the secret push that so many younger persons need.

There are times in life when we look for new revelations or epiphanies. These would include the answers to many questions such as: What should my hope and dreams for the future be? What do certain things mean? Where do I go from here? I call these things, “The Quest of Life.” Others say it is “living life to it’s fullest.” However, there comes a time that reflection instead of revelation is needed. Reflection is such a powerful tool. I encourage each of you to write down your reflections, share your reflections, but most of all rejoice over your reflections. The ability to remember and reflect is a gift. Use it each and every day of your life. Meditate both day and night over the goodness of life.

In helping you Reflect, think on the following. May it bring a smile to your face and heart. I also hope that you will share it with others in order that they too may use the gift of reflection to enrich their lives.


R – Remember who helped you in life and gave you your jump start. It allows us to confirm that no man is an island. Everyone needs someone.

E – Encourage someone with your story. Wisdom shared from lived experience is worth its weight in gold.

F – Forgive others and also forgive your-self.Don’t allow what others have done to you affect you in a negative way. You lived through it and you have victory over it. There may be things in your past that you are not happy about. Let it go and have peace.

L – Laugh Out Loud. This is truly Great medicine for the heart.

E – Eat well and Exercise. What we put in our body is so crucial to how we feel and perform. Getting the proper exercise will not only improve and sustain good physical health, it is also great for the mind.

C – Continue doing the things you love to do. (Spending time with friends, family, or just reading a book, things YOU love)

T – Be Thankful for your journey. Thankful for your success. Thankful for life!

You have added to so many people’s lives.  May the joy of friendship and fun fill your life.