SMART911: The Intelligent Way to get the Help you need in an Emergency


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dialed 911 and were incapable of communicating due to an injury, illness, or even telephone issues? What would you do if your grandchild was missing from a local park and you weren’t able to provide a detailed description because you’re distraught or occupied looking for the lost child? Issues like these happen everyday in emergency services and the key factor in each response is TIME! Emergency responders are on the clock the minute 911 is dialed and the clock is ticking. There is a new service provided by Charleston County that puts time on your side and that service is called SMART911.

SMART911 is a revolutionary new service that is provided FREE to residents and visitors in Charleston County. The service helps create a way to provide life-saving information to emergency responders at a time that you need it the most. The first step is to go to and create a login.

Upon logging in to the system, members create a safety profile and provide information about numerous topics on people in the household. You can provide as little or as much information as you desire. Information about medical history, special needs, pets, access issues, utility shutoffs, and much more can be entered into your profile. You can also upload pictures of family members, pets, and your home. The system then links the profile to your landline and cellular phone numbers that you may use to call 911. Your phones can be linked into the account so no matter which number you call 911 from, the system recognizes the phone number and then your special information.

The real benefit of the system is what happens to the information or profile after you call 911. Upon dialing 911, the Tele-communicator sees your profile and information you submitted on their screen. This allows for the Tele-communicator to recognize who you are, where you are, and what possible issue you could be experiencing, even if you can’t communicate or have poor cellular phone reception. This information is immediately relayed to emergency responders through data terminals while they are en-route to your specific emergency.

Just imagine the TIME that could be saved if responders know before they arrive to go to the back door for access, or that you are allergic to bee stings, or if they were able to send a recent picture of your missing grandchild directly to police officers in the area while your still on the phone with 911. All of this information helps to save valuable minutes in an emergency and could make the difference between life and death.

Smart911, developed by Rave Mobile Safety, has won numerous awards for its innovation and technological advances. Information is saved into a secure, national database and is only available to dispatchers and emergency responders. Since the database is national, Smart911 provides information to emergency responders outside of Charleston County who belong to the system. So your information will go with you when you travel.

Emergency responders are campaigning across the county, encouraging citizens to get online and create their safety profiles. Responders know the benefit of obtaining accurate information in order to make split second decisions to help the citizens of their community.