The Challenge of Change


by Alison Longnecker and Donna Van Norden; Owners, Golden Years Moving 

They say to change is to be alive, but for seniors change can not only be a challenge, but a threat.

In the past, when our lives were more local, family and friends were there to help seniors move or downsize. Sons and grandsons would pull up with a truck while the daughters, granddaughters and friends would help with the packing and emotional support.

Now with increased mobility and longer life spans, families are not as able to assist as they were. If a senior needs to downsize it could be that her son or daughter are retirement age themselves. Families live on the other side of the country and are often unavailable to assist as they would like.

Golden Years Moving is a local business that is part of a growing nationwide trend. We founded our company five years ago to provide a caring and professional service for seniors on the move. It is a joy to meet each one of our clients personally. In our initial free consultation we help them assess the best and most affordable level of service.

We can help quickly if there is an emergency move, and while some moves take only a day or two, others take months to plan if the client is combining homes or moving from a large residence. In that case we help plan every aspect of the move, deciding on a floor plan of the new home, giving personal advice on what possessions to keep, what to hand on to relatives, what to discard, and how to get the best price for the things they wish to sell.

sept29aWe hire dependable movers, manage the packing and unpacking process, and take care of every troublesome aspect of the move. It’s easy to forget how much time and effort the details absorb. Golden Years will organize pet care during the move, make sure the addresses are changed, ensure the phones and are internet set up, pictures are hung, and guarantee that when our clients move in, their new home is ready and comfortable.

We also work with reliable real estate agents if there is a property to sell. We are able to offer advice/make referrals on everyone from a clock repairman to painters, plumbers and landscapers for their new home or for their former property if it needs to be prepared for sale. Golden Years Moving is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, sharing in a network of other professionals in case the move is across country and not across town.

Although we specialize in senior moves, an increasing number of busy professionals also call us to help manage their transition to the upstate.

As founders we are proud of our combined experience and training. Donna Van Norden’s degree in marketing and experience in events planning means she brings her efficient organizational skills while Alison Longenecker’s training and experience as a geriatric nurse means she can give special attention to the needs of older people.

What makes Golden Years Moving more than just a moving firm is the high quality of our personal relationships. From the first meeting to the final settling down in the new home, our clients find that our cheerful, hardworking staff puts them at ease as they begin the new chapter of their lives