TV Show Focuses on Seniors 50 Plus

In America, you go to the mail box one day and find an invitation from AARP to join their organization. It’s an official notice that as of today, you are considered a senior. This usually occurs just before your 50th birthday. For most of us, we just ignore it as we we’re not ready to be classified as a senior just yet. However, as the years go by and the AARP circulars keep coming, you begin to think more about it and eventually start taking advantage of senior discounts. It’s one of the few perks! You also begin to hear things about friends your age who are nearing retirement or have already retired and you suddenly realize you really don’t know much about being a senior. Many of the things that you’re hearing about, or maybe that are happening to you, are confusing. While there are hundreds of government agencies, organizations and groups that are designed to provide assistance available, how do you find out about them, what qualifications if any are required and do they provide what you need? That’s what the TV show Prime of Life is all about. It’s also about providing tips and suggestions from professionals as well as political leaders as well as a little humor along the way. The Prime of Life show is hosted by Missy Johnson and Bill Sweezy, both recognized for their career involvement with senior issues and organizations. In the show, they interview the directors of senior organizations, government agency officials, political leaders and volunteer groups that explain in detail the various programs they offer as well as any qualifications that may be required to participate. The show’s magazine format also includes a report from Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, head of the “SC Office on Aging”, medical advice from leading area doctors in the “Health Tips” feature, scam alerts in the “Watchdog Report”, “Nutrition Tips” from professional dieticians, and a little humor from “James Gregory”, billed as the funniest man in America and very popular nationwide.

The Prime of Life show now airs every Sunday morning at 8:00AM on Fox-TV in the SC Upstate and western North Carolina reaching over 860,000 households.

It also airs on ABCTV in Columbia on Monday’s from 12:30pm – 1:00pm and on NBC-TV in Charleston. It will begin airing on CBS-TV in Myrtle Beach/Florence in April, 2010.

At that time, it will be seen across the state and reaching a total of over 1.8 million households in South Carolina. In addition to its regular Sunday morning air time on Fox-TV in the Upstate, each week’s shows can be seen on the Fox Carolina website (go to and click on PROGRAMING – then click Prime of Life, then Watch This Weeks Show). Each show is taped in front of a live audience and are always a lot of fun. The shows are taped in various locations across the state such as Greenville, Anderson, Greenwood, Charleston, Columbia, Newberry and Ft. Mill, SC. The public is invited to attend show tapings as part of the audience at no charge. For information on the taping schedule, the email address is The show is a production of Poinsett TV Productions, based in Greer, SC.

Source: Nelson Wheeler
Poinsett TV Productions