Volunteer Transportation Services Provides 1,000th Trip


by Katie Hayes, Centralina Area Agency on Aging 

For the past two years, Volunteer Transportation Services (VTS) has been working to fill the transportation gaps that exist within the community for older adults, veterans, and people with disabilities. What started with just a few volunteers in one county, has now blossomed into 60 volunteers in six counties within the Centralina region.

VTS is proud to announce that through the hard work and dedication of staff members, board members, and most importantly the volunteers, we were able to provide our 1,000th trip on Friday July 29th, 2016.

VTS is proud of the success of the 1,000th ride, but we know this is only the beginning!

That trip originated in eastern Lincoln County, and transported the passenger to her medical appointment in Mecklenburg County. When Robert M., the volunteer providing that trip, was asked why he chose to be a VTS volunteer, his answer couldn’t have been any more heartwarming.

“Mostly I volunteer because I like to help others that can’t do it on their own. My wife and I also volunteer with Christian Ministries, the meals on wheels program, and I even give blood. Volunteering is really what I enjoy doing!” states Robert M.

As for the passenger, Joann B., who is on the receiving end of the spectrum, when asked what VTS means to her, she sums it up perfectly, “It’s affected my life and taken care of a lot of stress as I live alone and don’t have family close by. I need to get to the doctor and couldn’t without this program. This has been the answer to my prayers.”

VTS is proud of the success of the 1,000th ride, but we know this is only the beginning! We look forward to being able to continue this service for the members of the community like Joann B. and the many others this program serves.

Volunteer Transportation Services (or VTS) was created in 2013 to fill the transportation gap for adults with permanent or temporary disabilities, veterans, and individuals 50 and over, in order to enhance quality of life by providing access to daily life activities.

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VTS is currently seeking volunteer drivers and Volunteer Ambassadors to help get the word out in the community about this exciting program. For more information, contact Katie Hayes at 844-VTS-RIDE or khayes@centralina.org