We Have Chosen Cremation, What Now?

We have chosen cremation, what now?

As families are increasingly choosing cremation over burial for their final resting plans, there are many questions that arise when it comes to planning and memorializing for cremation. Can a service be held, can I still have a casket and viewing, what kind of urns are available, are there options for memorialization, what can I do with the cremated remains? Many people know cremation is an alternative option to traditional burial, however they do not realize the options available to them and their families once that decision is made.

There are many options to commemorate your loved one and it starts with choosing a type of service. Many individuals do not realize that you can still plan services that can include a full funeral with your loved ones remains present or a memorial service with or without an urn; flowers, music, balloon releases, special music, video tributes and food can also be included. You can choose to have your pastor, a funeral celebrant or special family members speak at the service. Services can be held at a multitude of venues such as the funeral home, your church, your home or backyard, a lakeside park, or any other location of your choosing. The services can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish and with cremation you can elect to plan a service promptly or take your time to plan a celebration that is as personalized as you. A service can help family and friends reflect on a life lived and a way to say their final goodbye.

There are many memorialization options available to suit your wishes, such as urns and keepsake jewelry. Urns can come in a variety of styles in all sizes and shapes and can be metal, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, leather, and even biodegradable. There are small keepsake urns in the event you wish to only keep a small portion of cremains with you or divide them among family members. Cremation jewelry can include pendants, rings, small charms and keychains, there are blown glass artwork and wind chimes, all which can typically hold a small portion of cremains. Options are as creative as you wish to be.

Now that the service is complete, another question arises; where should the final resting place for your loved one be? There are many options to choose from; you can choose to keep an urn at home or choose to place the urn in a permanent resting place in a cemetery; cremation options aboveground or in-ground can include a community mausoleum, columbaria, cremation niche, scattering garden, private family estate, customized cremation bench, birdbath or other memorial. You can memorialize their resting place with a headstone, statue or monument that can be engraved. Another option is scattering at sea or on public grounds which requires special permission due to environmental regulations. When you choose a final permanent resting place for your loved one, you provide a place for family and friends to reflect and to pay their respects for generations to come.