You Have Options: What do I do?

September 1

by Deanna Stallings, Ace Estate Solutions 

In life’s journey we acquire things we come to reference as our treasures, our stuff, or as my friends love to say, “our junk”. The thing about Life’s journey is, the Paths change often. When our season of life changes, so does the choices we need to make with our possessions.

Like most of you, I find that when life occurrences take place, they are normally unexpected and come at you at a very fast pace. We have to make decisions and move with the stride life has dealt us. Unfortunately, we can be caught off guard and stand dumbfounded on what to do next. I have found that knowledge is power; to know and feel you have options when you are in a position of feeling powerless is sometimes our saving grace.

Life happens when you least expect it. We downsize, we divorce, we get sick, and our parents age and sometimes our loved ones have to leave. When these life events occur, we find ourselves with things that we no longer want or need. We have options and to know them can give us power when we are spinning with the many decisions that have to be made. What is the process? What are my options?

Like many of you, life happened. I normally stood confused, tired and heart broken. Now what do I do?

Downsizing. What do I do?

Divorce. What do I do?

Parents needing to transition to assisted living. What do I do?

The loss of my loved one. What do I do?

I know on top of all the matters of the heart, I have material possessions that need a new home.

Yard Sale? I am tired and not sure if I want to have strangers coming to my home or my loved one’s home. I am not sure what things are worth. What do I do?

Rent a truck, hire some help, spend hours packing and take it… where? What do I do?

I have a lot of things that have added up over the years, and not even sure of what I have! What do I do?

I’m ready to just pile it all up and take it to the dump! The effort and energy this process takes is taking a toll. What do I do?

We have options and to know them can give us power when we are spinning with the many decisions that have to be made.

I am happy to share through my life’s journey that I have figured out — YOU HAVE MORE OPTIONS. Did you know that there are companies out there that help people in these exact situations? From Estate Sales to Buyouts to Trashouts, there are solutions!

Did you know that Estate Sales can be structured for anyone and everyone? Not just a grand mansion that screams ESTATE. There is also this process called a Buyout. A Buyout is a quick and convenient option for many. A trashout can help tremendously, as well. The beauty of both of these possibilities is that you can allow experts in their field to come in, evaluate, and take a tedious and stressful event off of your plate. It is a bonus to see the things that we have worked for, or the treasures of our love ones find a new home but allow us to yield some $$ from our possessions.

I am excited to share that when life happens you do have options. There are professionals in their field to help you navigate the emotional and overwhelming task of life’s toughest journeys.