10 Reasons to use an SRES Realtor


by Susan McDade 

Did you know that there are Realtors who hold a SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation, and are trained specifically to work with the 55+ community? That may be empty nesters downsizing, or a loved one moving on to independent living, assisted living, or memory care.

By December 31, 2029 the last of the boomers will turn 65. This population is projected to double to 71.5 million by 2030. The real estate community recognizes this growing population and wants to address the needs of the homeowner and family when selling their home.

10 reasons why you should use an SRES Realtor:

  1. SRES Realtors communicate with seniors the way they want to be communicated with. Many homeowners want/need to have personal visits verses email, text, or even phone.
  2. SRES Realtors understand that homeowners may need to have several visits from them before they can gain their trust enough to allow them to put their house on the market.
  3. SRES Realtors know there may be some physical limitations that the homeowner has that may make showings difficult. The homeowner may not be able to leave the home every time it’s shown. The Realtor can help them to make an alternative plan for showings.
  4. Other family members may be involved in the decision making process when listing the property. An SRES Realtor is prepared and knowledgeable about properties as part of a trust, or properties as part of an inheritance.
  5. If the homeowner is downsizing to a smaller home or adult community, they may want to consider a HECM (Home Equity Conversion Loan) loan. An SRES Realtor can help them determine if they might be a good candidate for this program, which is specifically for buyers 62+.
  6. They may be part of a larger “Senior Concierge Services” program that offers other services related to the move, and provides one stop shopping. Services may include senior move management, financial planning, estate sale services, mortgage services, closing attorneys, and elderly law and estate planning firms.
  7. If the homeowner is moving from another state or city, A SRES Realtor can refer them to a designated SRES Realtor in their departure city.
  8. A SRES Realtor tailors their marketing pieces and documents to meet the needs of seniors. Larger print, easy to read, and easy to handle.
  9. A SRES Realtor will make all efforts to price the property at fair market value to maximize the seller’s proceeds, while also pricing for a quicker sale. Many sellers need the proceeds to be able to move on. In some cases, they may need them immediately.
  10. Most importantly, an SRES Realtor cares about seniors, and has made a commitment to cater to their needs!