11.20: This Week In the News

old man reading

Senior News

Be on the lookout for scams. A woman in Orange County, Florida was charged with scamming more than 30 seniors out of tens of thousands of dollars with a phone-phishing scam. Read more.

Ever thought about getting a pet? If a real cat isn’t an option for you, there may be another choice. Toy company Hasbro is offering Companion Pets targeted for seniors. Read more.

Alzheimer’s Awareness

According to new research, losing your sense of smell may be an indicator of memory problems and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that older adults who had more difficulty recognizing smells were more likely to have memory problems. Read more.

A drug tested on mice as a potential preventative against Alzheimer’s disease also appear to have anti-aging benefits such as better memory and cognition, and better physical health. The drug was developed by the Salk Institute team and is called J147. Read more.


Senators questioned the presidential nominee Michael Missal on Tuesday. Missal is hoping to be inspector general at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read more.

Research and Development

Doug Williams, founding CEO of Codiak Biosciences, aspires to be the first o use exosomes – tiny vesicles secreted by all cells and present in the blood and other bodily fluids – to develop drugs. Read more.


Medicare Part B premiums for 30% of Medicare recipients will jump next year. The unlucky 30% will face a 16% increase in their base premium from $104.90 to $121.80 per person per month. Read more.

Medicare launched a payment change for hip and knee replacement surgery. Starting April 1, hospitals in 67 metropolitan areas will be held responsible for the results of hip and knee replacement surgery in an effort to enhance recovery and rehabilitation. Read more.

Obamacare may end up raising medicare costs. There are short-term gains that have passed, but these gains may not be sustainable. Read more.