A Bend in the Road of Life

by Norma Pitts

Life here on earth is somewhat like a winding road leading in many new and often unexpected directions. Some will be straight and narrow, others winding with high climbs then deep valleys. At times we have the opportunity to choose which road to take or a map to lead the way to the chosen destination. Then there are times in every life when the road we are on is totally out of our control. For many of us that time may be NOW!

Life is a gift of God which comes to each person with no strings attached. He does want, as every parent does, for the gift to be handled with care, enjoyed to the fullest every day and shared with others in loving, kind and helpful ways which is what I hope to do with you today; share a life changing diagnosis which has come to me in recent months. Thankfully, life goes on and I am blessed by every day God sends to us all. Many are blessed by years of love, from parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends and possibly a lifelong soul mate. Life also brings challenges along the way. Remember, life has mountains to climb and valleys to go through.

Recently, about six months ago, my family realized some changes in me that were different from my “normal” and took steps to “get to the bottom” of what they were sensing. From the family doctor who ordered testing, we were informed that the problem is a slowly progressing disease known as Early Onset Dementia. There began a new bend in the road of life for me and my family. Just as moving to a different house, changing jobs, or losing a loved one, new experiences are not always easy or pleasant. However – a very big however, there are blessings to be gained in every experience, although they may have to be searched out.

Faith, a loving and supportive family, friends and the will to go on can make one stronger, more adaptable and hopeful. As every road has bumps and curves so does life’s journey. Today we are blessed by the abundance of medical help through research, medications, counselors for patients and family, support groups and doctors. ALL the help, kindness and concern of the medical community have been a life saving blessing for me and my family and I urge everyone to seek it out at the first signs of a developing problem. There you will find helping hands open and ready to be there for you and your family. Check it out, there really are still good days ahead.

See you along the Road of Life,
God Bless!