Crime Safety!!

One of the best ways to ensure that you can enjoy your golden years is to live your life cautiously, but without having an exaggerated fear of becoming a victim of crime or being injured. Safety should be a way of life and not just a buzzword. Here are some simple steps that you can integrate into your lifestyle to keep you safe and healthy without sacrificing the pleasures of life.

1 Purse snatching is the most common form of street crime. Don’t carry large sums of money. If going to the store, only take the amount you need. You may not need to carry a purse at all.

2 Use a shoulder strap model and keep it tucked between your body and your arm, not dangling by the straps away from you.

3 Do not wrap purse straps around your wrist; you may be dragged.

4 If in a store, place the purse in the buggy’s child seat and put the safety harness through the purse strap.

5 If someone tries to rob you of your wallet, don’t fight. Throw it away from you and run. They are more interested in your wallet than you.

6 Work out a buddy system with a neighbor and check on each other every day.

7 Let neighbors know when you are gone on a trip so they can watch your home.

8 If you are away from home for several days, have a neighbor check your mail and paper box so they don’t get full.

9 Use good locks on doors and windows (but be careful what type). Deadbolts are good for exterior doors, but I don’t recommend the type that uses a key on the inside as well as this could be harder for you to open if there were a fire.

10 Light up your property. Use motion lights and consider using timer lights when you are away.

11 Plant sturdy, prickly shrubs under windows to prevent them from being used to enter your house.

12 Get a driveway alarm so it alerts you when someone comes in your driveway.

13 Never leave notes on your door saying what time you will return.

14 When advertising things for sale, never state what time
you are not at home.

15 Don’t hide a spare key under a flower pot or fake rock. Have a neighbor or family member keep a spare copy.

16 Street numbers on hosuses and mailboxes should be large, well-lighted and easily visible for emergency responders.

17 Don’t put your address on your key ring. When having your car serviced, only give the service person a spare car key and not your entire set. (They could make copies.)

18 Have AND USE automatic door locks on your car to prevent fumbling around for the key hole.

19 When you return home, have your house key out and ready before you get out of the car so you aren’t spending unnecessary time fumbling for keys at the door.

20 Stay alert to your surroundings. If you see a strange car at the neighbors, call and check on them and ask them to do the same for you.

21 Go out with a friend or a group whenever possible.

22 Always lock car doors and keep the windows up. Look around before getting out.

23 Never give your information over the phone to someone you don’t know and never tell anyone on the phone that you are home alone or live alone.

24 If you see strange activity, call the police.

25 Join or start a neighborhood watch program.

Jimmy Lamb is the President of PROTEC Critical Service Solutions
which provides emergency training, planning & consulting services for
facilities, industry and public safety. Jimmy has served in all areas of public
safety including law enforcement, EMS, and 911. He is currently a Fire
Chief and can be reached at 864.902.0956 or at