Hearing Health and the Company it Keeps

Hearing Loss

by Matthew Orosz; Hearing Care of Summerville 

The connectivity of hearing and the mind and body is astounding. As more research is performed, scientists are finding more ways that your mind, body and over-all health either effect your hearing, or are effected by your hearing.

There are some factors of hearing health and whole-health that have been discussed for quite a long time. Age and noise exposure are the two most common causes of hearing loss. If you monitor your hearing health and consciously protect your hearing, these two factors may be mitigated and you may enjoy healthy hearing late into life.

Other factors, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, have been scientifically connected to hearing loss. Any cardiovascular and circulatory malfunction has the potential to negatively affect hearing. But, what other factors can be influential in your hearing and whole-health and wellness?

Have you considered the fact that your diet or your tobacco use might play a role in the health of your hearing? That’s right. Research has proven that your auditory system is dependent on cardiovascular, neural and metabolic health. An unhealthy lifestyle makes you susceptible to increased levels of hearing loss.

Smoking has proven to be much more detrimental to your hearing health than initially suspected. Could it be due to the toxins in the tobacco smoke? Perhaps a connection between smoking and heart disease? Maybe both? More research is necessary, but the association between smoking and hearing loss is clear and may even be underestimated.

Even factors such as Sleep Apnea, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Kidney Disease play a role in hearing health. These conditions carry recommendations from hearing health scientists and professionals to check your hearing regularly in order to keep track of your hearing health. At the very least, get your hearing checked by an audiologist to have a baseline examination and measurement of your hearing to which you can compare future evaluations.

Hearing Care of SummervilleIf this isn’t enough to help you consider your hearing health an important part of your whole-health and wellness, please consider your family and loved ones. Yes, the person with hearing loss is not the only person that has to suffer its negative effects. Hearing loss is extremely damaging to relationships with communication partners – especially spouses. The hearing loss burden of a spouse may be borne more heavily and suffered more acutely by the hearing spouse or significant other. That is to say, your hearing loss has a profound effect on everyone in your life, especially to those closest to you.

Healthy hearing is an important part of your whole-health and wellness. Hearing is also the sense that keeps you connected to the world and all of the great experiences, things, and people in it. Consider all aspects of your health, including hearing and all of its strange connections. If you have any questions about your health, consult your doctor. If you suspect that you may be suffering a hearing loss, make an appointment to see an audiologist. Make your hearing health a priority.