PET SITTING For Seniors – Aging In Place Services

The rise in pet ownership continues. It is one of the fasting growing industries in the USA. All of us either own pets, have owned pets, are thinking of owning a pet, or knows someone close to you that currently owns a pet. To those of us that “own” a pet – it is not “ownership” but rather the inclusion of another loved one into your family. In some cases, the pet, is the closest family member to the “owner”. As a result, our “Pets” are very sacred to us. Most often they don’t talk back, they don’t complain, and don’t spend our money like some family members can! They love us unconditionally and are always happen to see us – even if it is simply because we walked back in (after just having left) because we left our phone, purse, wallet etc.

Their are different types of Pet Sitting Options. First lets define the two basic type of care in question:

A) On-Going Care – For people that wish/need someone to come in during the day to feed, take-out, walk, care for their animals. Often times it is due to employment hours of the “owner” that help is needed.

B) Respite Care – This is more often for owners leaving on a business trip or a vacation that need assistance just for the period of time that they are gone.

Some of the most frequent that we are involved with include the following:

1. Pet Sitting – A pet sitter can come into a home and walk, take out, play with, feed, etc. a pet in their care. This can happen once a day, a few times a day, or could involve overnight or all day care. Often times we get calls from two types of clients. Pricing is usually based on per time increment (ie, 20 or 30 minutes). Breaks are given to those clients with more than one pet.

2. Private Pet Kenneling – This has started to grow throughout the USA. This option includes dropping off, or having someone pick-up, a pet to be private boarded at the pet sitters’ private residence/home. Most often it is cheaper than “Kenneling” a dog at a local Kennel. And, even more importantly, it is usually one-on-one care for the pet with the pet sitter or sometimes the pet sitters family. This can reduce the chance of injuries of illnesses resulting from interaction with other animals within a more “public” kennel. Pricing for this option is quoted per day with, again, a break given to those with more than one pet.

3. Live-In Care – A pet sitter can come in and live at the home/apartment/condo of the owner and be with the pet during the time in question. Often times this is requested due to anxiety/stress of a pet in question or sometimes due to a medical condition.

4. Additional Services (for additional fee’s) – Some of these can include things like bathing, grooming, nail clippings, shots (ie, diabetic pets), poop scoop service etc.

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