Why Use a Local Agent When Looking at Medicare or Health Insurance Options?

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Why Use a Local Agent When Looking at Medicare or Health Insurance Options?

By Joel Lourie, President & CEO of Lourie Life & Health

You cannot turn on the tv or open your computer without seeing dozens of celebrities or actors talking about some great benefit that you may be missing with your health coverage. You’re then directed to a call center, and that’s where things can go wrong.

Making decisions about Medicare and health insurance requires much thought, planning and research. It’s important to work with someone familiar with the options available in your county and state. If you’re working with a local, licensed agent, they will do the research to make sure your prescription drugs are covered and your doctors and healthcare facilities are in network with your plan.

I’ve often seen the unfortunate outcome when consumers pick up the phone because of a special enticement they see on tv. They call the number, talk to a complete stranger, and many times end up with the wrong health plan. Their prescription drug prices can become unaffordable because nobody did the research, or an important physician may not be in network. At Lourie Life & Health, we spend a lot of time helping people get out of these situations; a little more work in the beginning can save people time, money and heartburn when it comes to their healthcare. Also, consider who will be there to answer a question when you have an unexpected medical bill or claim denial. Your local agent is more than an order taker; they are your advocate and regular resource for all your questions.

Would you go to an orthopedic doctor for stomach problems? Would you see a divorce lawyer for an automobile accident? Of course not, and the same holds true with insurance. There are agents that specialize in many different types of insurance, and you want to find an agent whose expertise is in Medicare and health insurance. This field has many nuances when it comes to co-pays, deductibles, networks, etc. Work with a local professional experienced in helping find the health plan that meets your specific needs and budget.


Joel Lourie is President & CEO of Lourie Life & Health, a regional insurance firm specializing in Medicare and health insurance. He also spent 18 years in the SC House and Senate and was a leading advocate for children and seniors.