5 Benefits of Using a Slow Cooker


by Edna Cox Rice, RD, CSG, LDN

At times my arthritis can be painful and almost debilitating. I find it difficult to prepare meals, but I want to avoid fast foods and eating out so often. Do you have any suggestions for quick, healthy meals?

Home cooking offers healthier options and usually tastes so much better, but for anyone experiencing a physical challenge or just not feeling well, meal preparation can become a difficult chore. Effortless, healthful meals can be prepared when you let your Slow Cooker or Crock Pot do the job!

The benefits of using a slow cooker are countless!

Time Saver

All the ingredients can be prepped at once; the slow cooker does the rest of the work. One dish and you have a meal complete with entrée and sides.

Healthier Meals

You control the ingredients. If you don’t feel up to chopping and dicing veggies, purchase precut onions, peppers or use chopped frozen items. Whether the ingredients are fresh or frozen, you’re still using whole foods with less additives. The nutrient-rich natural juices from the vegetables and meats are retained.

Easy Clean-Up

One dish and you’re done; sides may be the exception. No need to dirty serving dishes; self-serve straight from the Crock Pot to your plate.


You can prepare several meals at once in your Slow Cooker or freeze extra portions for meals next week.

Useful Year Round

We associate warm, hot meals with wintertime, but Slow Cookers can be used during any season. During the hot summer weather, using a Slow Cooker eliminates the need to heat up the oven or stove which makes the house hotter.

Cooking at home can be Slow Good and good for you!

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