Older Americans Month: Wellness

OAM Wellness

Older adults are a growing and increasingly vital part of our country. The contributions they make to our communities are varied. Older adults play influential roles in the nation’s economy, politics, and the arts.

In 1963, we began to acknowledge the contributions of older people by using the month of May to celebrate Older Americans Month. This year’s theme, “Blaze a Trail,” emphasizes the ways older adults reinvent themselves through new work and new passions.

While All About Seniors provides resources to seniors year-round, we want to take this opportunity to provide support to older adults and learn from their amazing examples.

Blaze a Trail to Wellness

Americans are living longer. But, more are developing chronic illnesses. Do illnesses and aging always go hand-in-hand? No.

It’s never too late to get more active or revamp your diet. Changing small habits can lead to a huge difference in the way you feel.

Here are a few tips to help you Be Well:

Start Slowly. If you haven’t incorporated much activity in your daily lifestyle, start with something low-impact. Walk for ten minutes in the morning and afternoon, or sign up for a Tai Chi class. Be gentle with your body. For more exercise advice, check out last year’s article, Seniors can Improve Quality of Life by Exercising.

Exercise with People you Enjoy. Involving others in your exercise routine isn’t just fun, it also helps keep you accountable. Most senior and community centers offer free or low-cost options.

Don’t Forget Nutrition. Be honest with yourself about what you are actually eating. Always consult a doctor before you drastically change your diet. If you want some great tips on eating well, check out Eating Well as Season Change.

Wellness is a Matter of Body and Mind. Eating healthy and staying active may reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses.

Healthy Living

  • Helps keep your mind active
  • Helps maintain physical health
  • Provides structure and routine
  • Connects you with the community
  • Promotes social activities
  • Helps prevent isolation
  • Provides income in some cases

Source: Administration for Community Living and Older American’s Month. More resources: http://oam.acl.gov/resources.html